How do you make the ordinary, extraordinary?  

You mix "a little of this 'n' that" with a lot of love and patience, and then let simmer until perfect.   That's what Randolphe Harris has done with his music.   The result is a satisfying blend of traditional music spiced with African-American elements that melt into a universal rhythm that resonates with the soul.  

And then there's that extraordinary voice - so powerful yet approachably real - that transcends time and place with it's clarity and richness. To be a successful musician in today’s music industry, one must have a unique musical style, being original and a leader - not a follower.   Blending the resonant sound of an acoustic guitar, with realistic, down-to-earth words gives listeners a meaningful musical message.   Add the beauty of Randolphe Harris' voice, and you have a style which is so unique and emotional, it should be classified as “acoustic soul.”

Randolphe Harris has dedicated himself to cultural arts for over forty years, while always remaining diversified and cultured.   After starting his journey in the entertainment industry at the age of six, Randolphe Harris appeared in Life Magazine only ten years later.   “An 11-Year-Old Man” was released as his first single when he signed a recording contract with United Artists.   Though the contract did not last long, it did not stop Randolphe Harris from persevering.  

When his well-established musician friend, Peter Seeger invited Randolphe to tour with him and let the world hear his beautiful voice, he agreed and continued to develop his own style of music.   During the fifteen years Randolphe worked with the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger, his skills improved tremendously, while also gaining the knowledge and strength to become a solo artist.  

While many artists only stick to their particular style of music, Randolphe Harris dares to be different.   In addition to producing original songs, Randolphe Harris carries on the tradition of Griot (African Bard) by presenting children storytelling and poetry in a voice that sends chills up and down listeners' spines.   The stories told send messages to young children; entertaining while allowing them to learn that stories help a person grow.   The poetry contains themes about situations that everyone can relate to, making people in the audience feel like his angelic words were written for them.

As a solo artist, Randolphe Harris logged hundreds of hours of studio recording time, resulting in a 40+ year catalog of music.   Although Randolphe Harris has been working on releasing a new album, he can be seen and heard performing at venues across the United States.   The amazing talent that he possesses, along with his pleasant persona, will allow Randolphe Harris to become an icon in the music industry.

Solo Albums released by Randolphe Harris include:

" A Little O' This 'n' That "

" Thank You, Tucson! "

" Kids Stuff Is Tough! " part 1

In addition, Randolphe Harris collaborated with other performers on:

" Daffodils and Dandelions " (AKA Dandelion Wine)

" The Secret Of Sharing " ver 2

A major re-release of "The Secret of Sharing" is planned for the near future,
however if you would like a copy now - please contact Randolphe Harris.


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